Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Fling

Yesterday Brian, Kiersta, and I attended the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the mom's group that I belong to.  The weather was near perfect; not too hot and not too windy.  Each year we have gathered at the same park and I have taken a picture of Kiersta with two of her very good friends from the group in the same climbing structure.  It's amazing to see how much they have grown!

Claire, Kiersta, and Sarah, age 3.
The climbing structure seemed so high and I was nervous about them falling.

Claire, Kiersta, and Sarah, age 4.
They're growing up so fast!

Claire, Sarah, and Kiersta, age 5.
Can they really be old enough to start Kindergarten this fall?
They had to bend down so the rope wouldn't block their faces.

It's All in the Presentation

For years I've wanted to make this one particular cake, but could never come up with a reason to subject my friends or family with the results.  When I had a daughter 5-years ago, my hopes of making the cake were further dashed as she is pretty much a girly-girl and would not be interested in having a "gross out" party any time in the near future.

At my school, each teacher is responsible for providing treats for the staff three times a year. Treat day is always on Wednesday.  This year I saw that April Fool's Day fell on a Wednesday and I knew I could finally make my cake.  

I called my mom to let her know what I was doing. 
Here's our conversation":
Me: "I'm making a litter box cake for my work."
Mom: "So it's going to be covered in camo duct tape?"
Me: "Huh???  Oh, not letterbox...litter box!"
Mom: "I guess you can tell what I'm thinking about." while laughing.

My Cake!

I gathered together the ingredients and put the cake together.  After microwaving the Tootsie Rolls I had to pinch the ends to make them look like real poop.  As I sat there pinching, bending, and burying I couldn't help but giggle aloud.  Some of the poops were microwaved a little too long and melted a bit much, these ones ended up looking like diarrhea...EWWWWW!
Would you want to eat this????

On my treat day I brought my box of kitty litter and poop to work and left it on the treat table for all to enjoy.  Some of my co-workers dove in with gusto, others were so put off by the presentation, they just couldn't look at it, let alone eat it.  A few managed to get past their squeamishness and gave it a try, much to their delight.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the comments I received throughout the day.  However, at the day, there was cake left over, which NEVER happens at a school, so I guess my little joke went as planned.

Now I need to start planning next year's "treat."  Maybe a camouflage duct tape cake is just the thing I need to make next.