Monday, February 2, 2009

The Language of Words

I've been thinking a lot about language today and how there are many phrases that are used that don't make sense anymore.  The three that come to mind off hand are: "roll up the window" (from in a car before there were electric windows), "dial the phone" (from when there were rotary dial phones), and "turn up the volume" (from TV's before there were remotes).  It makes me laugh to hear Kiersta using these phrases.  I wonder when these archaic uses of language will stop being common vernacular.   I also wonder what we would say instead.

What phrases can you think of that don't have relevance in today's world?


  1. "You sound like a broken record" is definitely outdated. I guarantee that if I ask my young cousins what a record is, they would have no idea. :) Also, any phrase that refers to "taping" something. The great majority of recording devices are now digital, so no actual tape is used anymore.

  2. What a fun thought!! Here's a couple outdated words:
    FLIPSIDE – the other side of a record
    LIMELIGHT – in the early 1800's someone came up with a cylinder of lime heated by a flame and put in front of a reflector. These “lime lights” were very bright. On a stage, actors would compete to be seen in the limelight.

  3. My watch needs winding.

    Watch? Look at your cell phone.

    Blow out the light.

    My grandmother and mother said this--from the karosine lantern days.