Monday, June 14, 2010


Summer is here and I have plans, big plans. I love blogging but I rarely find, or make, the time to write. So goal #1: Write more often. I'm not going to put an actual number of times per week/month, because I don't want to write unless I actually have something to say, but hopefully that won't be a problem, especially if I meet the rest of the goals.

Goal #2: Get my a$$ to the gym on a regular basis. Kyle will be starting back in daycare two days a week starting tomorrow and Kiersta will be attending various day camps for about half the summer. I should be able to find an hour or so a day to workout. If I'm not at the gym, I can workout by going hiking, playing on the Wii, or going for walks. I could even pull my bike out for the first time in nearly 7 years and go for a ride.

Goal #3: Letterbox more! I need to find 28 more boxes in the next 3 weeks to meet my annual goal of 100 per year. I then want to make a good head start on the next 100 for next July.

Goal #4: Get the house under control. My home certainly isn't as bad as those seen on Hoarders, but I'm still not happy with the state of things. I want to do a little each day, with the husband's help, to clean, organize, and get rid of.

Goal #5: Finish Kiersta's babybook. The child is 6 years old. I have done little to no scrapbooking since she was born. This is unacceptable! I love scrapping and I want to find time and space to working on my albums again. At the rate I've been going, Kyle will be nearly 50 by the time I even get around to starting a babybook for him.

Goal #6: Finish reading the Harry Potter books. I'm 2/3 of the way through book #2. I've read a few of the books in the past, but never read the whole series, so now that they're all out, I'm reading them all, one after another (and watching each movie as I finish the book).

Goal #7: Have fun! I want to go to museums, amusement parks, swimming, hiking, and what not. I want to spend time with my kids, my husband, my family, and my friends. I also want to spend time on my own, because I need that.

That's all I've got right now. I'm sure I'll think of more later, but this is a good start.

School ended on Thursday of last week. So far I've worked on goals #1 (with this blog), #2 (hiking over the weekend while camping), #6 (reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets), and #7 (gone camping with fabulous friends). I'll be working on #3 later today when I head out on the road for a few hours.

So folks, please hold my feet to the fire and help me be accountable to myself.


  1. Katie and I would love to help you out with #3!
    -Mark (wassamatta_u)

  2. Lists for summer, my friend Lindsey made a list the other day for summer too. Must be a new trend. I will give it a try. See you at the pool I hope.