Saturday, October 23, 2010

Book Lover

The first year of Kyle's life I felt guilty much of the time. Kyle is a loving child but he is not a snuggly child. Because he wasn't interested in being held, I just didn't read to him very often. Kyle simply wasn't interested in sitting still and listening, there was so much to explore and play with that books and Mom were not high on the priority list.

Choosing a book from the "library"

All of that has changed in the past few months. Kyle is now passionate about books. More often than not he can be found carrying a book to me and climbing into my lap. He will spend lots of time thumbing through books and looking and pointing at the pictures. Even better, in the past couple of weeks Kyle has started orienting the books correctly when he picks them up.
Kyle with one of his books

Kyle loves to crawl up into the glider in his room with a book and "read."

Thank goodness all that guilt and worrying was for naught.


  1. I am glad that he know likes to snuggle with you as he reads a book! How wonderful!