Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's All in the Presentation

For years I've wanted to make this one particular cake, but could never come up with a reason to subject my friends or family with the results.  When I had a daughter 5-years ago, my hopes of making the cake were further dashed as she is pretty much a girly-girl and would not be interested in having a "gross out" party any time in the near future.

At my school, each teacher is responsible for providing treats for the staff three times a year. Treat day is always on Wednesday.  This year I saw that April Fool's Day fell on a Wednesday and I knew I could finally make my cake.  

I called my mom to let her know what I was doing. 
Here's our conversation":
Me: "I'm making a litter box cake for my work."
Mom: "So it's going to be covered in camo duct tape?"
Me: "Huh???  Oh, not letterbox...litter box!"
Mom: "I guess you can tell what I'm thinking about." while laughing.

My Cake!

I gathered together the ingredients and put the cake together.  After microwaving the Tootsie Rolls I had to pinch the ends to make them look like real poop.  As I sat there pinching, bending, and burying I couldn't help but giggle aloud.  Some of the poops were microwaved a little too long and melted a bit much, these ones ended up looking like diarrhea...EWWWWW!
Would you want to eat this????

On my treat day I brought my box of kitty litter and poop to work and left it on the treat table for all to enjoy.  Some of my co-workers dove in with gusto, others were so put off by the presentation, they just couldn't look at it, let alone eat it.  A few managed to get past their squeamishness and gave it a try, much to their delight.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the comments I received throughout the day.  However, at the day, there was cake left over, which NEVER happens at a school, so I guess my little joke went as planned.

Now I need to start planning next year's "treat."  Maybe a camouflage duct tape cake is just the thing I need to make next.


  1. Looks just loverly! Are you making one for Easter?

  2. LOL. I'm not sure which camp of your colleagues I would have been in. How did it *taste*? Nice of them to give you an excuse to make this lovely confection. But yes, a camouflage duct tape cake might be perfect next time around!

  3. Hmmmm....I could make small pebbles of poo and make a rabbit hutch cake for Easter.

  4. EEWWWWW!!!! .....but you didn't share the recipe....