Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bad Parenting Admission

"I like this!"

OK, I admit it, I broke down tonight and specifically put TV on for Kyle for the first time in his short life. I didn't want to do it, but I was feeling desperate for some respite. I think Kyle may be coming down with the same virus both Kiersta and I have had this past week. So much crying on Kyle's part, near tears on mine, lots of sleep on his part, too. His skin also felt warm off and on throughout the day though maybe that was due to the weather or all of the crying.

"If you're happy and you like it..."

Anyway, 9:00 and I still haven't eaten dinner, I'm hungry, finally!, and feeling frustrated because every time I put Kyle down he starts screaming. What's a poor mom to do? So, yes, I broke down and popped in the Baby Mozart DVD and...IT WORKED!!!! A little too well. So much talking and kicking of legs and grins and squeals of happiness. It made me so happy, in a sad kind of way (because he likes the TV so much and he's not even 4 months old yet), to see him so happy. I don't have any kind of belief that watching Baby Mozart will make Kyle smarter but for tonight I'll take the 30 minutes of relief it provides me.

"This is so exciting!"

I think we both will cry a little when it is over.


  1. Thank God for Baby Einstein. It may not make him a genius, but a few happy, Baby Eistein-watching moments can make Mommy feel a lot better. If only for those few moments! He's so cute Christie, but I can't tell who he looks like just yet. I think maybe you.

    By the way, to answer your question from my blog, I'm not exactly sure how many apples fit in a peck. I think maybe 30 or so. I believe a bushel is much bigger than a peck. I just bought the bag labeled peck, because the 1/2 peck bag seemed a bit too small.

  2. Yeah umm for some reason Ab Ripper X seemed to keep Harry amused while I was doing the exercises so I am right there with you.
    Though yesterday maybe our boys were on the same wavelength because Harry was awfully fussy. Thank goodness today is a new day.
    I hope Kyle is okay today.