Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Camping We Will Go-Hendy Woods

The interesting thing about Hendy Woods is that a hermit lived in a fallen log as well as a burnt out tree stump for years and years before passing away in the early 80's.  His two huts are preserved and are now an attraction within the park.

This is one of the hermit's huts.

Here is the other one.  I can't imagine calling either of these two structures home for an extended period of time.

On the final day of our camping trip, I cajoled everyone into hiking to the two huts as well as walking in the groves of redwood trees.  Many of the trees have fallen over and have their roots exposed.  One of the fallen trees has been climbed on so much that a trail has appeared along the length of the tree.  Kiersta and her cousins had fun climbing on it.  Kiersta pretended the tree was an elephant that needed to be ridden on.

Here are James, Erik, and Kiersta riding on the elephant.

After our hike we started the 4 hour drive home.  We made one stop at the Anderson Valley Brewery.  Kiersta decided to be very photogenic and kept asking me to take her picture with the Beer.
                                                       Bear + Deer =.......................Beer!!!!

Finally, Kiersta jumped into this tree and shouted, "Take my picture, Mommy!"  Being the good mom that I am, I obliged her every wish and whim. :)  I think I may have a future model on my hands, she certainly has the temperament of one.

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