Monday, August 11, 2008

Rolling Along

Kiersta had her final gymnastics class today.  This was just a Parks and Rec. class that met once a week for 8 weeks and only worked on floor moves, so we weren't expecting an Olympic caliber performance. Last summer Kiersta took a ballet/tap combo class with the same teacher and pretty much hated it. On the final day of dance class, she just stood and smiled at all of the cameras in the audience and barely did any of the routine.  Would the same be true this summer?  I was hopeful that a year later she would have a little more confidence and actually participate in the showcase.  

Kiersta ended up doing a nice job today.  She was definitely nervous and chewed on her fingers a lot and was distracted by her leotard going up her butt, but she participated.  Her favorite moves are log rolls and crab walking.  We'll continue to try out new classes and skills and have fun watching her grow and gain confidence.

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